The Krios Platform

An online global marketplace assisting people to build a social media team as unique as their business.

ICO Sales Terms


Nov 17 – Nov 30


Jan 8 – May 15

Accepted Currency


Total Supply


Pre Sale Supply


ICO Supply


Community Fund




All Unsold Tokens

destroyed after May 15th

Why ICO?

Secure, private and decentralized

No more banking or currency issues

Smart contracts – work
and payment guaranteed

Build a full, specialized marketing team

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin all integrated. Spend all on one platform.

Krios Expenses

What Can I Do With KRI?


1. You can keep KRI tokens to use them on the Krios platform to purchase marketing services.


2. After the ICO, KRI will be listed on an exchange where you can buy & sell the tokens.

Road Map

Q1 2018

KriosCoin initial token offering begins and ends. Funds raised distributed
in accordance with crowdfunding distribution section. Krios beta-testing
begins. Development of mobile application. KriosCoins will be listed
on at least one exchange.

Q2 2018

The Krios Network is launched, including all major features
and social media outlets. Optimize Krios’ matching algorithms which connects
businesses to influencers and marketing professionals.

Q3 2018

Krios Loyalty Program established to save repeat advertisers even
more money. “Build Your Campaign” fully optimized and released as an allin-one
solution for advertisers looking to build effective marketing campaigns.
Measure customer satisfaction for each individual providing service
on Krios, and allow for businesses to leave feedback for other businesses to
view publicly regarding performance.

Q4 2018

Growth of userbase and endorsement base allows Krios to offer
multiple levels of affiliation/endorsement options. Allow Krios professionals
who have worked on projects together to form groups where they can offer
their combined services at a discount from the sum of the individual costs.
No third-party development companies will be authorized, and users must
have past experience in projects on the Krios platform together in order to
form a team.

Q1 2019

Integrate capacity for Krios users to purchase advertising space on
third-party applications and websites, allowing business-owners to not only
create promotional content through Krios, but also find space to advertise,
while all being paid for with KRI.

Q2 2019

Implementation of Krios user ratings, where the blockchain records
and confirms feedback from payers of KRI in order to build a trust and
reputation system on the Krios platform, for all potential contractors to see.