Our Vision

To assist businesses to realize their potential with the simplest, most effective way to hire freelancers. To be the world’s leading freelancer and influencer platform. By 2021, we aim to make up over 15% of the industry.

How does
Krios work?

Krios search


The client uses Krios to search for their required industry specialist, whether it be an Ad Manager, Influencer, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Developer or any other skilled individual.

krios Requisition


The Client sends the description to the selected individuals, on getting approved they deposit their funds for the particular project.

Krios Contract


Krios with a feature of having an automatic smart contract that distributes the token once the requirement is over.

Krios Monitor


Krios enables the Client to have complete control over the project, while monitoring it’s progress.

Krios Feedback


On the successful completion of the project, the client can review and comment on the team performance.

Build Your Campaign


Team Member Campaign

Setting up a Campaign in Krios helps the Client to select the project members for their desired project. Krios helps the Client to run multiple Campaign for different streams of Digital Marketing.


Ad Manager Campaign

Ad Manager Campaign helps the Client to pick the lead for the particular project. This Campaign helps the Client to streamline the project.

Krios Campaign

Get your Campaign Members

Krios - The global online market leader bridges the gap between the Businesses and Digital Marketers, Advertising Professional and Developers. This platform helps in expanding and elevating Employment and Business together.

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