Disrupting the $36-Billion-Dollar Digital Marketing Industry

Use KRIOS to build an outsourced marketing team, communicate with them, collaborate, share files and deploy your advertising. Pay using the Krios coin, simple.

Decentralized Marketing Campaign Management Platform


To assist businesses to realize their potential with the simplest, most effective and low cost digital marketing solution. To be the world’s leading social media marketing platform. By 2021, we aim to make up over 10% of the industry.


  • As a business, if you are looking to carry out a marketing campaign, putting together a team who work together in perfect synergy can be tedious as coordination among several platforms, tasks, and contributors can greatly complicate the process.
  • Finding affiliates and marketing team members who specialize in your demographic can be difficult and time consuming.
  • If you are an influencer or social media freelancer, how do you find work?


  • Meet Krios – Where you can create a full-scale marketing team specific to your project, and then manage and coordinate the campaign, all at a fraction of the ordinary cost.
  • Krios offers a simple, streamlined process that caters to a company’s diverse marketing needs, whilst maintaining efficiency and ease-of-use.


Alice searches through Krios for an ad manager, influencers and graphic designer that suit her industry
Alice sends her selected individuals a brief and they approve. Alice deposits her Krios tokens for the project
Krios automatically sets up a smart contract and tokens are distributed when Alice marks the job as complete
Alice directs, monitors and works with her team in the project section, and controls her ad spend through her linked Krios wallet
Upon completion Alice leaves positive reviews, feedback and comments for her team members

KriosCoin (KRI)


Total Token Supply: 355,000,000 KRI

Pre-ICO: Nov. 17 – Nov. 30

Pre-ICO: 1 KRI = $0.07

ICOJan. 8th – May 15th

ICO: 1 KRI = $0.12

All unused tokens that remain after the ICO will be burned.
No new Krios tokens will ever be created.


Businesses can build their own campaigns from scratch and monitor their progress until completion directly on the Krios platform. They can hire content managers, social media managers, advertisement managers, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers, vloggers, influencers, analysts and more. Campaigns will have their own pages where business-owners can track the work, progress and payments of every contributor as well as have direct lines of communication with every participant in the project.


The Krios Network will include an affiliates and endorsers section which allows for an efficient way to match businesses with their perfect endorser considering social media outlets, reach, demographic, budget and more.This provides companies and endorsers with savings both in terms of time and money, by automating the process and eliminating the large fees charged by middlemen and agents. It also allows companies to better reach their target market. Krios connects users looking to sell their endorsements and affiliation services to the businesses who are looking for them. Companies will have options to choose whether they wish to have 1 large influencer endorse their product or service, or if they would prefer to have several micro-influencers tasked with the job!


Secure, private and decentralized

No more banking or currency issues

Smart contracts – work
and payment guaranteed

Build a full, specialized marketing team

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin all
integrated. Spend all on one platform



What is Krios?

Krios is a decentralized affiliate network & campaign management platform built on modern technologies to help connect businesses seeking promotional and affiliation services with influencers and professionals who have relevant demographics and offer relevant services.

What are KriosCoins?

KriosCoin (‘KRI’) is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum technology and blockchain. KRI grants users access to the Krios Network ecosystem and allows for a secure, private and decentralized method of confirming and conducting the transactions within the network. KriosCoin is a utility token that can be utilized as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, content creators and businesses in a new blockchain-based, digital advertising and services platform.

Which wallet can be used to store KRI?

KRI is an ERC20 token, meaning it can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets such as MyEtherWallet. They can also be stored on Krios wallets directly on the Krios network.

How much do KriosCoins cost, and when are they available for purchase?

KRI will be available for purchase November 10th – 30th at a rate of $0.07c per KRI, and January 8th – May 15th at a rate of $0.10c per KRI

How are you going to use the proceeds from the pre-sale and ICO?

Krios will use funds raised from the pre-sale and ICO in order to finalize development of the Krios platform, expand the team, compensate advisors and current team members and launch the platform worldwide. A portion of the budget is also reserved for promotional efforts.

How many KriosCoins are there? Will there ever be more?

355,000,000 KriosCoins (‘KRI’) will be created during a single token creation event and will be distributed during two phases. After both rounds of the coin offering, no subsequent KriosCoins will be created. 150,000,000 KRI are reserved for the Team, Developers, Founders, Angel Investors & Bounty Campaign participants.